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Experience & Impact: The Future of Impact with New Tech

The wave of new technology, from web3, blockchain and even the metaverse has created a ripple effect across sectors ranging from retail, gaming, art and real estate. What are the opportunities for the impact eco-system to tap into these technologies to change the game around generating, tracking and amplifying impact?


  • How does innovation and tech drive sustainability in real estate?
  • How does technology help to accelerate impact and strengthen tracking methodology?
  • New technologies to be discussed include application of blockchain into impact tracking, Green NFTs and Web3 to create new social-focused user experiences, open up new fund-raising avenues, and activate new collaborative cross-sector partnerships. 
  • Sectors to be covered would include impact/NGO sectors as a whole but also to explore and investigate the role of technology in creating impact towards greater urban resilience.

    Post-Event Actions

    • To expand our horizons in the application of new technology in generating greater impact across all sectors.