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What is the Learning Garden?

A Learning Garden is a dynamic outdoor classroom and school farm that aims to facilitate the growth and development of teachers, students and eventually, the extended community by cultivating a new culture around learning, teaching and growing.

The programme is dynamic and takes place in a hands-on setting to integrate a range of disciplines, from science and maths to environmental studies, health and nutrition.

This interdisciplinary approach not only helps students enhance their academic engagement and achievement but also cultivates their skills and deepens their understanding of how food impacts our health and the planet. The programme also offers the opportunity to build strong communities around food by bringing together students, educators, families and members of the local community.

Through the Learning Garden, we provide teachers with the “train the trainer” programme, and equip schools and empower teachers with the confidence to execute, adapt and develop the Learning Garden programme based on their unique needs.If you are interested in a Learning Garden Programme for your school, please write to us here. 


Increase academic engagement & achievement

Improve children’s food choices & inspire healthy lifestyles

Develop students 21st century skills - from critical thinking to communication or leadership

Deepen students connection and understanding of nature

Provide a unique opportunity to engage parents and the school community at large

Foster environmental awareness and stewardship

Programme Structure

Our Learning Garden package guides and supports teachers to confidently integrate, adapt and execute the programme as per their class’s and school’s unique objectives. We also understand that learning, for all those involved, is a process, so extensive resources and expert support are available throughout the academic year.

This is what you will get with the package:

How You Will Be Supported:

The Learning Garden Programme comprises the following elements, aimed at providing schools and students with an all-rounded farm-to-fork food education journey and experience.


"The team is wonderfully knowledgeable, approachable and inspiring. The model of having a road map or outline but then working with us to tailor it to our school under their guidance is brilliant."

"It was organised very well and activities were scaffolded well. It was fantastic to have both rooftop republic guiding us for our learning garden initiative and having Kyle with the pedagogical knowledge to help guide us through that."

“The gardening experience and the setup has been awesome and incredibly efficient, I can’t wait for the children to come up here and have to start to tend to the garden and to learn and to watch it grow”

“Working with Rooftop Republic has been really awesome, we got to learn about how they bring farming into Hong Kong, the community and how to bring it to our kids. It was so fun being part of the whole process; from bringing everything in, to planting all the different vegetables and herbs. I’m really excited to see what the kids do with them and how it all turns out. It’s been a great experience and I’m looking forward to what the year will bring with the new Learning Garden.”

“We’ve just recently completed our farm installation at our rooftop at the Harbour School. It was an incredible experience, we’ve learned a lot about the curriculum, how to sustain it and how to intertwine it into our existing curricula. Today we planted everything from marigolds through to basil, tomatoes and chilli peppers. It’s been an incredible experience as a team of 15 of us that did all the planting today. It’s about 2 and a half hours in, we’re sweaty, covered in soil and wouldn’t have it any other way. It was a really wonderful experience with Rooftop Republic and we are so grateful to work with them!”