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Buildings and Liveability: Envisioning a New City Landscape

Placemaking, conceptualising around authentic interactions, and solidifying planet-first behaviours through design and programming will be among the ingredients that form the urban blueprint of the future. How does elevating the role of a localised circular food system add value to the dynamics of urban design and city planning? Through interactions among practitioners and sharing of case studies, this session aims to illuminate the opportunities and the challenges of designing for a new city landscape centred around food regeneration models.


  • Cities around the world are finding new means for city development – how is urban agriculture becoming the driving force for this new phase of development?
  • How can this positive change be effected and permeate across all levels of spaces – from the nucleic level of an office, to the living organism of the city?


Post-Event Actions

  • To gain insights and formulate a vision for future cities and neighbourhoods.