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Interested in seeing how an urban farm can enhance your business? Urban farms increase property value, sustainability standards, and tenant engagement. Our Urban Farm Planning & Management for Professionals classes are specially designed for the real estate, property management and corporate sectors, and they provide a structured framework around urban farm design, set-up and farm management to give your tenants and employees a chance to reconnect with nature, and integrate a functional green space in your building to help achieve your sustainability goals!

If you are interested in a customised course for your company or property management team, please reach out to us directly here

Learning Objectives:

Understand the benefits and potential of urban farming

Understand the characteristics of an urban farm as a property facility

Understand how urban farming can enhance stakeholder engagement

Understand the basic requirements for integrating an urban farm into urban commercial properties

Understand the process and procedures for managing urban farms as part of property management value chain

Gain insights from both local and international case studies

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