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Commercial Buildings

Jones Lang Lasalle

The JLL rooftop farm, located at the top of the iconic Bank of America Tower in Central, has been running since the end of 2014. As one of the pioneers in rooftop farming in Hong Kong, the project integrates closely with their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives – giving JLL the opportunity not only to engage their staff but to give back to the community. The organic produce from the rooftop is regularly donated to Feeding Hong Kong and made into lunch boxes for those most in need in Hong Kong.

Cathay City

The farm at Cathay City serves as a platform for long-term employee engagement, and is an outdoor space where staff could take a break from their desk and get their hands dirty, or just have a green space to enjoy their lunch break. Employees enrol in seasonal farming programmes to learn how to grow their own food with colleagues and family, and participate in workshops around the topic of food.

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Sino Group

We worked with Sino Group to build a rooftop farm atop their beautiful building at 148 Electric Road. This farm offers a space for building tenants to relax and enjoy their lunch break while enjoying breathtaking views of Victoria Harbour. Staff and building tenants are also invited to take part in planting and harvesting events each season. 

Miele Hong Kong

Located in the heart of Causeway Bay, the Miele Urban Farm is a calm oasis and respite from the hustle and bustle of city living. Integrated with the Miele Experience Centre which showcases a holistic approach towards sustainable living, the urban farm is a source of fresh, organic and hyperlocal seasonal vegetables and herbs harvested by their chefs and the Miele community, including Taro, Swiss Chard, Grapefruit Mints, different types of Basil as well as colourful root vegetables such as Beetroots and Carrots.

Shopping Malls


This 13,000 sq feet farm on top of Metroplaza Shopping mall is the largest rooftop farm open to the public in Hong Kong. Through the MetroGreen programme we engage mall visitors around guided farm tours, farmers markets and creative workshops and events. The programme also includes a collaboration with a selected number of restaurants at the mall to use some of the farm’s produce to create unique and healthy dishes.

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Lok Fu Place

The Lok Fu Place Urban Farm is located at the shopping mall's outdoor terrace, and welcomes all city-dwellers from all walks of life to visit! With a sustainable community-building strategy aligned with LINK’s overall environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) commitment, this 3,000 square feet urban farm has grown more than 45 types of local vegetables and herbs, incorporated composting, and has run regular farm tours, workshops and events for the community to experience the joys of urban farming.

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Hysan Place

Since 2018, we’ve closely collaborated with Hysan Development Co. to organise the annual GreenFest Festival. This two-day event is an immersive, hands-on experience for more than 200 high-school and university students from across Hong Kong to learn about sustainability. Each year, the event explores a different topic, from rethinking our food system to how to reduce waste and encourage a circular economy.


Something Wild

We partnered with the Something Wild restaurant group, a farm-to-table inspired restaurant located in K11 Natural, to set up a microgreens supply - right within their restaurant. On a daily basis, the chef harvests the fresh microgreens to be used in their healthy, Italian-inspired dishes.

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EAST Hotel

We’re proud to work with Swire Hotels, starting with their sustainability-oriented and nature-inspired property, EAST Hotel. We helped Swire build a terrace farm for their in-house restaurant, so that their chef could adopt the harvest from the farm as ingredients for their afternoon menus. The harvests included a large variety of fruit and vegetables, helping inspire creative and delicious lunchtime dishes for their guests.

Residential & Homes

YiDe Residential Complex, ChangSha Hunan

We provided an integrated solution for a premium residential property in Changsha, Hunan that seamlessly incorporated urban farming elements into the landscaped design. The project significantly contributes to the client’s efforts to engage residents in meaningful activities and adds value to its clubhouse offerings. Designed in collaboration with BEAMS Creative.

Chai Wan

A long-running project in a public housing estate, this programme has attracted residents of all ages, especially the elderly, to grow a wide variety of seasonal crops and produce. Not only has it been a source of healthy organic produce, it has been a catalyst for greater communication, interaction and bonding between the residents.

Home Gardeners: Gina Ma

We worked with Gina to transform her home’s rooftop into a thriving garden. As an experienced gardener, Gina knew that she wanted to continue growing her own food when she moved from New York to Hong Kong, and we were able to help her design and build the home garden of her dreams. At her garden, she has grown a variety of crops, from basil, kale, to purple cauliflower.

Media Feature: NPR

Co-Working Spaces

Garage Society

Located on the beautiful 4th floor terrace of the Garage Society co-working space in Wan Chai, this urban farm is a collaborative effort with the client to foster office tenant engagement and education. We host regular farm-to-table and sustainability-themed events, including cocktail making classes, circular economy education, and our popular Garage Greens urban farming workshops. Produce from the farm is served in dishes at the in-house cafe or shared amongst Garage Society members.

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theDesk Strand 50

Located on a 1,600 square feet of the terrace space of theDesk at Strand 50, this is the largest urban farm among co-working spaces. We collaborated with theDesk to create the Community Urban Farming Programme, where the public is invited to join in regular urban farming workshops, build social bonds and to enjoy fresh, locally grown organic produce. This Community Urban Farming Programme is part of Rooftop Republic’s bigger vision to make urban farming accessible to everyone.

Media Features: Green is the New Black, The Standard


South Island School

We worked with South Island School to establish an educational farm for their students of all ages, including students with learning disabilities. Through the Young Farmers Programme, our signature educational programme for primary and secondary school students, we engage young people with lessons throughout the year on the principles of organic farming and practical sessions on how to grow your own food. The curriculum focuses on getting students excited about working in nature, understanding the science behind plant growth, and eating a healthy and nutritious diet.

Stamford International School

We helped host workshops for Stamford International School, enriching students' learning experience with interactive activities teaching all about green living, nutrition, and how to reduce waste. We worked with the teachers to develop microgreens growing and food fermentation workshops, and we even got all the students involved in building a beautiful green wall for the school using plastic bottles. The workshops were fun, interactive, and got the children away from their desks and more aware about sustainability issues.

Work with Rooftop Republic

Are you interested in building an urban farm or hosting a farming workshop for your business? Request a consultation and our team will be in touch with you for a complimentary site assessment!

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