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Begin Your Urban Farming Journey with Rooftop Republic

A farm to fit your needs

Whether you want to transform a large open space or simply add some greenery to your balcony, we can design an urban farm just for you

Expert maintenance

Our dedicated team of farmers provide ongoing farm management and expert advice so that your garden has the best chance at flourishing

Hands-on experience

Experience the joys of growing your own food through our variety of educational workshops

Hit your sustainability goals

Urban farming reduces waste through shortening the distance food travels to get to your plate and recycles nutrients through composting

Better health & well-being

Growing organic vegetables with your own two hands is not only good for your body, it's great for your mind as well


At DBS, sustainability is at the core of our purpose-driven DNA. Through our partnership with Rooftop Republic, we aim to encourage a shift in behaviors and mindsets to reduce food waste towards a food secure future. I am particularly impressed by its passionate and professional team which is dedicated to improving their work for the best outcomes all the time. Highly recommend Rooftop Republic!

With the professional urban farm management service provided by Rooftop Republic, we are able to deliver a very unique dining experience to our club members. 

Our connection with food cannot be more clearly manifested when our guests gaze through floor-to-ceiling windows on the balcony right outside and see with their own eyes urban farmers tending crops growing on a row of elevated planters, and fine-dining chefs harvesting fresh salad lettuce and herbs to serve to them.

The great efforts for sustainability from my kitchen team were also recognised with the club’s 2021 sustainability awards in both “Overall Winner” & “Most Inspirational” categories. Needless to say, our partnership with Rooftop Republic played a significant role behind the scenes in assisting us to obtain such an amazing achievement.

It's a pleasure working with the professional, flexible team at Rooftop Republic, and their knowledge and guidance was invaluable as we navigated the process of setting up and installing the rooftop farm.

Rooftop Republic's friendly and knowledgeable team that supported us in setting up and training our team members has greatly assisted us in taking a step towards creating a healthier and more sustainable future.

Rooftop Republic's support and guidance during our first planting session was terrific from start to finish. The children had an amazing time, they learned lots of valuable skills and have been hooked ever since.

Livestock industry emits more greenhouse gas than all transportation combined. Simply by reducing meat consumption and adapting to a plant-based diet, everyone can help save our planet.
Our collaboration with Rooftop Republic transforms the usual working space in Hong Kong into a healthy, informative and creative platform where office workers can enjoy the joy of farming and harvesting, the experience of farm-to-table, and gain the important knowledge on how our choice of food is highly correlated to global sustainability.
We look forward to extend this collaboration to empower more corporate and individuals to live a socially responsible and wholesome life!

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