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Andrew Tsui, CEO & Co-Founder

Having grown up in both Hong Kong and Singapore, Andrew undertook roles in both the public and private sectors before he began his social entrepreneurship journey. He brings his background in realestate and civil engineering to realise the potential of urban spaces in densely built-up cities such as Hong Kong. Andrew is also active in the social entrepreneurship community in Hong Kong, serving as mentor and advisor to new start-ups, enterprises, including a business summary judge and trainer for the Hong Kong Social Enterprise Challenge since 2011, and a consultant to HKUST SIGHT Programme on Design Thinking.

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Pol Fabrega, COO & Co-Founder

Originally from Barcelona, Pol started his career in the nonprofit sector working on a wide range of issues, from human trafficking, to education, to human rights. In 2012, he relocated to Hong Kong, where he has been pioneering the urban farming movement and working to help transform the way we grow, consume and think about food. Pol is an awardee of Hong Kong Tatler’s Generation T 2018 List and The Green Is The New Black 2018 Green Warriors.

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Michelle Hong, CMO & Co-Founder

Michelle is a city kid born and raised in Singapore, and found out the hard truths of our food system after having pursued growing her own food after moving to Hong Kong. Previously from the communications and advertising sector, she believes that reviving the organic farming movement and building a sustainable food system can start right here in the heart of cities and now channels her time and energy towards promoting the urban farming movement, encouraging people to start growing their own food, so as to nurture a generation of consumers connected with their food sources and local producers. Michelle is also a fellow of the global Vital Voices GROW Fellowship 2020.

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Kendy Lee, CFO

Kendy has over 15 years of experience working in the financial industry, including banks, wealth management firms, and international insurance companies. He joined Rooftop Republic’s executive team in 2019 to pursue his passion for working with innovative social start-ups. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and an EMBA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Kendy also serves as an advisor for start-ups in Hong Kong and China to help new businesses with financial modelling, fundraising, and pre-IPO planning.

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