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Urban Farm Tour & Microgreens Workshop

Urban Farm Tour  & Microgreens Workshop

Part of the MetroGreen Summer Wellness Workshop & Farmers' Market series, the Urban Farm Tour & Microgreens Growing Workshop brings you both the fun of learning about growing our own organic food in the city, as well as the ease and joy of planting delicious edibles that you can enjoy in less than a month!

Part 1: Urban Farm Tour

Your afternoon will kick off with a guided tour and introduction to the 13,000 square ft rooftop organic farm at Metroplaza, and an overview into the types of crops that can be grown in the Hong Kong summer climate. With more than 20 varieties of crops growing at the rooftop, you'll be amazed by the potential of what we can grow even in such a densely built up city like Hong Kong!

Part 2: Microgreens Growing Workshop

Microgreens are the young shoots of vegetables and herbs that can be consumed less than a month after seeding. These tiny but nutrient-packed greens are very popularly used as garnishes to enhance flavour, texture and colour to our food. 

During this workshop, participants will learn about how to grow microgreens, the different popular types that can be used, and how to pair them with different kinds of food. There will also be a tasting session of a variety of microgreens. Each participant will have their very own microgreens growing kit to take home to grow!


Saturday 14th July 2018 3-4pm, or; 

Saturday 14th July 2018 5-6pm


Cantonese, supplemented by English


Level 5 Sky Garden, Metroplaza, 223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung

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