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Scraps to Soil - Give Your Food Scraps a Second Life!

Scraps to Soil - Give Your Food Scraps a Second Life!

Join us at "Scraps to Soil" where we'll dig into the secrets of composting in Hong Kong with a documentary screen and hands-on bokashi composting workshop.

Discover the stories of organisations and individuals working to change the status quo around food waste as we join forces with The Soil Trust and Garage Society to proudly present a thought-provoking documentary 'Belongs to the Field' that delves into the intricate challenges of composting in Hong Kong.

Discover how the Soil Trust team collaborated with local organic farmers to unlock the potential of turning food scraps into something incredible. Following the screening, join us on a fireside chat to delve deeper into the questions raised and gain valuable, hands on insights through an urban farm tour and 'bokashi' composting experience workshop.

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable experience at the urban rooftop farm nestled in Wan Chai's vibrant heart and create your very own Bokashi compost.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn, explore, and make a difference in reducing waste. Together, we can transform scraps into something truly valuable!


15:00 - Introduction & Welcome

15:15 - “Belongs to the Field” Documentary Screening

15:45 - Fireside Chat

16:20 - Urban Farm Tour

16:40 - Bokashi Composting Workshop

17:30 - Wrap Up


Saturday 18th November 2023 






Garage Academy Campus 

(4/F, Beverly House, 93 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai)



Early bird discount: $200

General Admission: $250

On the Day: $300




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