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MetroGreen Farm-to-Restaurant Programme

MetroGreen Farm-to-Restaurant Programme

Shortening the distance between us and our food is one method to build up our relationship with our food, and to stay conscious of what we are putting in our stomachs, while reducing impact on our environment.

In collaboration with Metroplaza, euro go go, Sweet-o-logy and Hawker 18, we will be hosting a Farm-to-Restaurant program, utilizing fresh produce harvested from our organic rooftop farm at Sky Garden, Metroplaza, including edible flowers, mint, cucumbers, water spinach, and red amaranth, which will be turned into mouth watering dishes, such as pesto linguine and other salads and veggie dishes. From the point of harvest to being served to customers, these produce will only spend a mere few hours in transportation and preparation, ensuring maximum freshness.

Note: Each dish will be limited to 30 portions every day, so grab them before they are gone!


Available every Saturday, starting from 7th July to 25th July 2018.


euro go go/sweet-o-logy/Hawker 18, at Metroplaza, 223 Hing Fong Road, Kwai Chung

How to join:

No registration is required, simply order the designated dishes from the menu!

Registration Now Closed!