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Grow Your Future Workshop at Central Market

Grow Your Future Workshop at Central Market

What's your first impression towards farming? Does it seem to be a very time-consuming outdoor activity that also requires excess patience and space for you? Microgreens may change your mind towards farming then!

Microgreens are "healthy fast food". They are nutrient-packed, easy to grow, young shoots of vegetables and herbs that look good as garnishes on your favourite dishes. They can be ready for harvest in just two weeks' time and you can grow them at your own place!

Interested to learn more and wonder how to get started? Rooftop Republic is excited to be collaborating with ChinaChem Group on the Grow Your Future Microgreens workshop taken place at the Central Market next weekend! We will share the best ways to grow microgreens, the different types of microgreens and how to pair them with food. Each participant will receive a Microgreens Grow Kit to take home.

Join now via the Central Market App.

好多人對種植嘅印象都係一項「 好需要耐性、時間同空間」嘅戶外活動,對於習慣急促生活節奏嘅香港人嚟講好似唔係好適合咁。其實咁諗就錯喇,蔬菜唔一定要大棵既,種野亦唔一定要室外先得架。Microgreens微型蔬菜種得快收成亦快,一至兩個禮拜就有得收割嚟食,仲細細棵唔會阻住屋企太多地方,營養價值又高,隨手加入唔同菜色做點綴又得。

但點開始種microgreens呀?雲耕一族即將聯同華懋集團於中環街市攜手推出Grow Your Future Microgreens工作坊,屆時會教下大家點樣種microgreens,同埋分享下啲種植小tips,參加者仲可以獲得一份微型蔬菜種植套裝添!

立即下載中環街市手機應用程式報名參加Grow Your Future Microgreens工作坊,同我哋一齊體驗種植嘅樂趣喇!


Date: 21-22 May, 2022

Time: 2:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Venue: Legacy Hall, 1/F, Central Market 

Language: Cantonese 

Fee: $200


Registration Now Closed!