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Gardening's gone Digital

Gardening's gone Digital

Introducing Green Fingertips Virtual Lunch & Learn Workshops

Urban farming and growing our own food is not an end in itself, but it cultivates a greater appreciation of nutrition, health, environmental impact and culinary art. With the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting all aspects of life, access to growing our own food, knowledge and skills to cultivate our own edibles as well as the opportunity to engage with nature need not be a luxury that is out of reach, but an essential form of prioritising health, improving well-being, and connecting with the community.

Rooftop Republic is pleased to present a series of engaging, immersive virtual workshops around growing organic food - from microgreens to mushrooms, an urban farming talk to a herb planting session. All designed to fit snugly into your employees’ lunch hour, they provide a platform to learn more about sustainability, and acquire practical skills to apply these into their day to day lives.


Why You'll Love Green Fingertips

Conducted online, join virtually
Doing this as a group through our live virtual workshop is a great way for your team to reconnect in a casual way while focusing on making whichever planting kit you go for! These are conducted on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex or other platforms that your company may prefer.

Fits perfectly into lunch-hour
Live workshop lasts 1 hour. It will include a brief talk on the history and science behind your chosen theme, a demonstration split into two parts and a care talk at the end. We will be answering questions throughout the session. The content can be tailored to your specific HR and sustainability focus requirements.

Planting kits for an interactive hands-on experience
Our workshops (except the Urban Farming Talk) comes with a planting kit that each registered participant will receive to plant alongside our instructor during the virtual class, making it interactive and hands-on even while they are working remotely!

Enjoyable for everyone at all levels
Our workshops are suitable for everyone of all levels of planting experience - whether you are a complete beginner or a gardening expert, and our instructor will guide you through step by step on the growing process, and will be on hand to answer the questions that you have.


For a quotation or for more information, please contact us at and our team will be in touch with you.

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Urban Farming Talk 
Microgreens Workshop