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Food Waste to Good Taste Urban Farm Tour

Food Waste to Good Taste Urban Farm Tour
Join us for an urban farm tour at the rooftop organic farm located at the bustling shopping mall of Metroplaza. 

Rooftop Republic is pleased to be leading a farm tour at Metroplaza as part of Green Hospitality's FOOD WASTE to GOOD TASTE initiative.

The Metroplaza Rooftop Organic Farm is a pioneering example of how communities can learn and engage around the topic of sustainable agriculture, healthy eating, and waste reduction. 
  • Growing locally reduces transportation and storage challenges and can provide fresh produce to communities in need.
  • Integrating urban farming can help reduce food waste and improve food security.
Join us to discover food waste reduction solutions that are presenting viable opportunities for growth both in the community and for the hospitality industry!

In partnership with Green Hospitality 

Event: Food Waste to Good Taste - Urban Farm Visit

Date: Tuesday 23rd May 2023

Time: 11am - 12pm

Venue: Metroplaza Rooftop Organic Farm


To register and reserve your spot, send Green Hospitality and email at