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Workshop 1 - Composting for a regenerative future

Workshop 1 - Composting for a regenerative future

In this workshop, you will hear from guest speaker Mrs Josephine Mak on the concept and importance of regenerative farming and the role that composting plays in contributing towards a more regenerative way of growing food and consumption.

It will be followed by an introduction to composting by our experienced instructor Henry, who will share with you the principles behind the composting process to provide you with the fundamentals of practical and home composting. 

This workshop will be followed by 2 more workshops on two different types of composting. Visit the links below to register:

Guest Speaker: Mrs Josephine Mak Chen Wen-Ning

Mrs Josephine Mak Chen Wen-Ning

  • Chairman, Board of Directors, HomelandGreen, Hong Kong
  • BBS, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
  • Honorary Fellow, Hong Kong University of Education 

Mrs Mak is the Founder and Chairlady of HomelandGreen Hong Kong, an organisation with the aim of promoting regenerative agriculture and soil conservation as well as fighting for environmental awareness on the issue all across Asia. With an extensive history in education, she has grown into the role of a Regenerative Farming Educator and Soil Health Expert. She is also on the Advisory Board of Zero Foodprint Asia.

Instructor: Henry Yeung

Henry has been working in various sectors of agriculture in Hong Kong, ranging from organic farming, fresh produce supply chain and marketing. He has a vision of local agriculture becoming more sustainable and productive through better soil protection and addition of compost periodically.


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Date: Saturday 20th November 2021

Time: 1030am-12pm

Venue: Online via Zoom