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Aerospring Tower Grow Kit | 高身流水種植套裝


A soil-free, modern aeroponic grow kit. This grow kit includes an Aerospring Hydroponic Tower and everything you need to start hydroponic at home: a bucket, pump, 36 genuine rock wool cubes and pots, nutrient mix and two complimentary bags of seeds.

The Aerospring Tower is designed for growing crops in urban homes with limited space. With just 1 sq. meter area, and you can continuously grow 36 different fresh leafy greens and herbs. 



What's Included
  • 1 Aerospring Tower (L57cm x W57cm x H195cm)
  • 1 Wheel base 
  • 75L bucket & lid
  • 12 Hexagonal Column Sections
  • Shower head & lid & water pipe threads
  • Sicce 2.0 Syncra Silent 220V 32W submersible pump. Includes hose & fittings, pump cable length 10m
  • 36 genuine Grodan rockwool cubes
  • 36 grow pots
  • HexGrow 1l Nutrient Mixes
  • 2 complimentary bags of seasonal organic seeds
  • 1 User manual


  • 1個 高身流水種植箱(長57cm x 寬57cm x 高195cm)
  • 1個 滾輪底盤
  • 75公升水箱連蓋
  • 12個 六角形柱段
  • 1 個花灑頭連蓋、水喉
  • 1個 希捷2.0靜音水泵 (220V 32W)包括軟管及10米長電線
  • 36粒 岩棉
  • 36個 小花盆
  • 1份 HexGrow 營養液
  • 2包 附贈的當造有機種子
  • 1份 使用手冊

This Aerospring Tower measures: 57cm (length) x 57cm (width) x 195cm (height). 

Water bucket capacity: 75L 

This planter requires access to the electricity, while water faucet connection is not a must. Assembly of the planter is easy and instructions are included in the pack.


高身流水種植箱 (長57cm x 闊57cm x 高195cm)

水箱容量 (75公升)



FAQ (English)

Q: How much does the delivery cost? 

A: We ship across Hong Kong, and shipping is FREE

Q: What can I grow with the Aeroponic Tower? 

A: You can grow a variety of crops including leafy vegetables and herbs. Edible flowers, tomatoes, chili peppers and gourds also grow well on the tower. 

Q: Is Aeroponic organic? 

A: Since soil is a must for organic farming, aeroponic is unfortunately not organic. However, the minerals used in aeroponic are mostly obtained naturally from earth. Produces grown are still pesticide-free, natural and sustainable. 

Q: Do you provide any installation service? How much does it cost?

A: Yes, we do provide an option for installation of your grow kit. We will charge 15% of the total purchase amount of the grow kit(s). After you complete your order, a member of our team will be in touch with you directly to ask whether you would like to add on installation to your order.


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FAQ (Chinese)







問: 你們提供安裝服務嗎?收費是多少?



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