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Workshop 2 - Aerobic and Anaerobic Composting

Workshop 2 - Aerobic and Anaerobic Composting

Ever wondered what the different options of composting do you have? What equipment do you need, and what do you need to create quality compost? 


Join this in-person workshop where our instructor and guest speaker will share about the process of aerobic and anaerobic composting, how to effectively manage the composting process, and to achieve good quality compost that you can re-use to grow food.


This workshop will be followed by 1 more workshop on vermi-composting.


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We look forward to seeing you there!


Henry Yeung

Henry has been working in various sectors of agriculture in Hong Kong, ranging from organic farming, fresh produce supply chain and marketing. He has a vision of local agriculture becoming more sustainable and productive through better soil protection and addition of compost periodically.

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Date: Saturday 11th December 2021

Time: 11am-12pm

Venue: This will be held at a Rooftop Republic-managed farm - Lok Fu Place Urban Farm