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We help clients transform their spaces (usually rooftops) into lush green areas and a source of nutritious organic food using our end-to-end urban farming solution.

If you are an individual looking to set up your home garden, or are interested in our events and workshops, jump to our “Home Gardening Solutions” here.
Here's how we can work with you to add an urban farm to your business:

Site Assessment

We visit your premises to conduct a site assessment to understand what we're working with and make recommendations for how to best utilise the space for urban farming.


We meet with your team to understand your goals and how we can add value to your stakeholders (including employees, customers, and community partners) through urban farming. 


Based on our site assessment and consultation, we create a customised farm design, integrating core farming principles with engineering and landscape design.

Farm Build

Based on our farm design, we take care of the full installation of your urban farm so you can be assured of a professional service from beginning to end. We use top quality planters, organic seedlings, soil, fertilisers to build your farm so that your farm can have the best conditions to flourish.

Ongoing Management

We are committed to helping you make the most of your farm through our network of organic farmers, who provide the care and attention your farm requires.


In addition to technical support, our team also supports you to make your urban farm into a platform for long-term engagement with your stakeholders, whether they are employees, students, families, or other community members.

Photo credits: Header Photo:; Home Gardening Solutions photo: Gina Ma; Workshops & Events photo: Sarah Thrower