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Pranisa Boonkham

Assistant Professor in Landscape Architecture
Assistant to the Rector for Rangsit Campus Administration and Physical Development | Thammasat University

Pranisa Boonkham has been a lecturer in Landscape Architecture Program at Thammasat Design School since 2008 and served as the Head of the Program for 7 years. Prior to her academic career, she received her Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand and Master Degree from Harvard Graduate School of Design. She had been working as a professional landscape architect for 7 years at the renowned firm, Halvorson Design Partnership, located in Boston, Massachusetts. Her past projects mostly dealt with sustainable design in urban landscape context, with the specialization in public space design. 

In 2012 Pranisa was the team leader for the Revision of Thammasat Rangsit Campus Master Plan 2034, of which sustainability concept was set as the main goal. Since then she has involved with many landscape architecture projects within the campus. In 2018, Pranisa was appointed as the Assistant to the Rector for Sustainability and later in 2021, as the Assistant to the Rector for Rangsit Campus Administration and Physical Development. Her responsibility includes the planning and implementation for physical improvements of the overall campus as well as other sustainability related projects within and outside the campus, such as urban forest management, garbage management, sustainable transportation, and organic farming.  


We asked Pranisa and why it is important to incorporate urban agriculture into the built environment, and here's what she has to share! 

Urban agriculture is not only for food security, but also the tool to reduce CO2 from transporting crops. Besides, the veggie plots can serve as recreational spaces for urban living. These are 'three-in-one' benefits!