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Ground Garden Bed | 座地式種植箱

Ground Garden Bed | 座地式種植箱


The ground garden bed has a large and deep planting area, making it perfect for growing all varieties of crops!



The Ground Garden Bed measures 90cm (length) x 60cm (width) x 34cm (height).  

Growing Depth is: 32cm

The planting area is approximately 0.54m2 / 5.4 square feet.

Assembly is required for this planter, and instructions are included in the pack.


座地式種植箱 (長90cm x 闊60cm x 34cm)  


可種植面積 (0.54 平方米 / 5.4 平方英尺)


FAQ (English)

Q: How much does delivery cost for individual planters?

A: Since our planters are large, we need to arrange direct van delivery rather than standard shipping - where items may be overweight or get damaged.

For delivery to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and New Territories (excluding Discovery Bay), we charge a flat rate delivery of HK$300.

For delivery to Discovery Bay, we charge a flat rate delivery of HK$450.

Q: Will the planter delivery be straight to my rooftop / terrace / balcony?

A: Our delivery service includes the delivery straight to your rooftop / terrace / balcony if no stairs are required. Should you need us to deliver to your garden space that does not have elevator access and requires stairs, HK$50 will be charged per floor per planter (maximum five floors). After you complete your order, a member of our team will be in touch with you directly to ask whether you have elevator access or if your delivery requires transport up stairs.  

Q: Do you provide any installation service? How much does it cost?

A: Yes, we do provide an option for installation of your planter We will charge 20% of the total purchase amount of the order with a min fee of HK$250. After you complete your order, a member of our team will be in touch with you directly to ask whether you would like to add on installation to your order. If you're ordering more than 10 planters, please get in touch with us as we may be able to make a special arrangement for you.


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FAQ (Chinese)

問: 種植箱的運費為多少?

答: 由於種植箱體積較大,所以我們需要安排貨車直接送貨,以避免物品超重或損壞。


問: 種植箱可以直接送到我的天台/露台/陽台嗎?

答: 我們的種植箱送貨服務包括直接送貨到可直達(沒有樓梯)的天台/露台/陽台。如果您需要我們將其運送至需要上樓梯的空間,則每個種植箱每層樓梯收費HK$50(最多五層)。在您完成訂單後,我們將直接與您聯繫,詢問有關送貨詳情。

問: 你們提供安裝服務嗎?收費是多少?

答:我們可以提供安裝種植箱的服務。我們將收取總購買金額的20%作為服務費,最低消費為HK $ 250。完成訂單後,我們團隊的成員將直接與您聯繫,詢問您是否要安裝服務。如果您訂購10個以上的種植箱,我們可作出特別安排,詳情請與我們查詢。


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