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The Loop x Rooftop Republic - Online Microgreens Workshop

The Loop x Rooftop Republic - Online Microgreens Workshop

Looking for something nutritious and easy to grow indoors? Then Microgreens is your answer!

Microgreens are the young shoots of vegetables and herbs that can be harvested in 7-14 days from seeding. These tiny greens do not only have vibrant colours, their nutritional value can reach up to 40 times of their adult plant! They are very popularly used as garnishes to enhance the flavour, texture and colour of our food.

We are pleased to collaborate with The Loop at Taikoo Place to organise an exclusive workshop for the Taikoo Place community. Conducted online, you can join it in the safe and comfortable environment of your home!

Every participant will receive: 

  • A Rooftop Republic Microgreens Growing Kit
  • A Live Virtual Workshop with Rooftop Republic’s expert instructor
  • Sharing of recipe ideas on how best to enjoy your microgreens

Event Details

Event: Online Microgreens Workshop 

Date: 20th May, 2021 (tbc) 

Time: 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm (tbc) 

Language: English (tbc) 

No. of participants: Up to 30 pax 

Price per person: HK$250* 

Suitable for: All levels of growing experience, and bring along your kids to join you in this fun workshop. 

Conducted Online 

Registration deadline: 3-5 days before workshop date (tbc) 


*Price includes delivery of the kit to your home.